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We Pride Ourselves On The Quality Of Our Patent Searching. Our Experienced Team Applies The Benefits Of Our Expertise To Every Search We Perform Worldwide Patent search. How to understand your patent search results and check patentabilit Search and read the full text of patents from around the world with Google Patents, and find prior art in our index of non-patent literature

Patents may be searched in the USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database (PatFT). The USPTO houses full text for patents issued from 1976 to the present and PDF images for all patents from 1790 to the present. Searching Full Text Patents (Since 1976) Customize a search on all or a selected group of elements (fields) of a patent One of the most important aspects of the website, for research purposes, is the Search for Patents option. The Search Patents option results in a menu of several types of searches that may be carried out within the relevant databases. A really helpful search is solely titled Patent Number Search. Patent Number Search is helpful for customers who have a selected US patent number and wish to acquire a duplicate of the original

Try searching these names in the Canadian Patents database. Searching by company name can be used to find a specific patent or retrieve a company's entire patent portfolio. Nicknames and Abbreviations. Most companies use their full legal names on patent applications. For example, E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co. (Du Pont) Research in Motion (RIM It is the first choice in the drop-down menu and covers all the patents that are searchable by inventor name. Click the 'Search' Button Click on the search button. After you have properly formatted and inserted the inventor's name and selected the correct time frame, click on the Search button to initiate your query Go to patft.uspto.gov and click on Quick Search. Enter the company's name, omitting any abbreviations such as Ltd., Corp., etc. Then change the field code to Assignee Name and click on Search That will generate a list of patents assigned to that company - click on the title to view the full text of the patent

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  1. We provide access to the largest single source of technical information in the world: our databases containing millions of patent documents. This allows you to see what already exists, find out about technical aspects of your competitors' work or spot trends in technology. Discover the potential.
  2. Search patents worldwide. Use Espacenet to check for published patent applications and registered patents. The database includes both worldwide UK patents and details about: owners; filed document
  3. Request UK processing of an international patent application; Search for a patent; Search for a trade mark; Search patent decisions; Search trade mark decisions; Track a trade mar
  4. Search by Patent Owner Name: Patent Owner Name: City Name. State (or Country) AllAlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareDistrict of ColumbiaFloridaGeorgiaGuamHawaiiIdahoIllinoisIndianaIowaKansasKentuckyLouisianaMaineMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouriMontanaNebraskaNevadaNew HampshireNew JerseyNew.
  5. Selling a patent is easier when you target a company that produces similar products. This means you need to do a patent search. Using a tool like CobaltIP, you can search a type of product and find out who owns similar patents. This will tell you the companies you should approach about a sale. Search for related patents
  6. d that you might need to try several times
  7. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database allows you to search 52 million patent documents, including 2.9 million published international patent applications; as well as regional and national patent collections from 38 participating authorities. There are three core methods of searching the Patentscope database

Start at uspto.gov/patft. Next, under the heading Related USPTO Services, click on Tools to Help Searching by Patent Classification. You can now start searching. Patent searches may also be done at.. You may conduct a free online search of the USPTO database at the Public Search Facility (Madison East, 1st Floor; 600 Dulany Street, Alexandria, Virginia) between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. USPTO personnel may not conduct trademark searches for the public. Private trademark search firms will conduct searches for a fee

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This field contains the name of the individual or entity to whom ownership of the patent was assigned at the time of patent issue. TIP: If the assignee was a person, and you want to search for the full name, you should format your query as follows: last name-first name-initial.If the assignee was a company, and you were not sure of the exact name, you could truncate on a portion of the name Patents, technology and development. One of the main functions of the patent system is to foster technological innovation by providing an incentive for research and development. The patent system also works to diseminate technical information and promote technology transfer

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  1. Check if the name you are considering for a new company qualifies for registration. Please note that the Patent and Registration Office (PRH) will not check the registrability of the company name before your notification has become pending
  2. How to Search Patents by an Inventor: SEARCHABLE INVENTOR FIELDS You can Search for patents by Inventor name at the USPTO based on any combination of Name, City, State or Country and a ranges of Dates
  3. The largest six companies still have the majority of patent families: 65% of the declared standard essential patent families. The remaining 35% are held by approximately 70 entities. Huawei is leading with the most declared 5G patents i.e. 3007 patent families followed by Samsung and LG with 2317 and 2147 patent families respectively
  4. European patent search. If you need to search for patents more widely, you can search using Espacenet, a free patent search service developed by the European Patent Office (EPO). It provides access to a database covering the Intellectual Property Office, over 20 European patent offices, as well as the EPO and World Intellectual Property Office.
  5. To do so, go to the USPTO homepage and click on the PatFT under the Quick Links menu. The PatFT database is where you look for patents that have already been issued (i.e., not patent applications). Type in your CPC classification in the Term 1 box and in the Field 1 box select current CPC classification
  6. Additional fields are available via our API for commercial use. Please inquire if you would like access to these, and other, fields: Assignee Count, Claim Count, Expiration Date (with term extensions), Family Member Count, Image Count, Inventor Count, Priorities Count, Reference Count, Word Count, Assignment Count. Number Fields
  7. Patents from 1790 through 1975 are searchable only by Issue Date, Patent Number, and Current Classification (US, IPC, or CPC). When searching for specific numbers in the Patent Number field, utility patent numbers are entered as one to eight numbers in length, excluding commas (which are optional, as are leading zeroes)

Determining who owns a patent You can search the Australian patents register to determine who owns a patent. It is possible for the ownership of a patent to be transferred. Once we are notified of the change, we will record the details in the patents register search for a case you have an interest in, if you want to conduct business with us concerning a patent application or registration. Once you have selected from the menu what it is you want to do, you'll be presented with a Search Patent Cases screen to search for and identify the patents of interest. Search results. If the search finds Company Name: Search Options: Match partial names. Select one or more roles to search for using the check boxes above, and enter your search criterion. The following wildcards may be used: '%' matches any sequence. '_' matches any single character Free patent search websites are ideal for gaining quick leads. It makes no sense to pay hefty amounts for a gigantic database only to search for a patent or two. Below listed are few free patent databases that might help you in your pursuit of patent data search and analysis. Google Patents PATENTSCOPE. The PATENTSCOPE database provides access to international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications in full text format on the day of publication, as well as to patent documents of participating national and regional patent offices. The information may be searched by entering keywords, names of applicants, international patent.

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241.2 RECORDS OF THE PATENT OFFICE (RECONSTRUCTED RECORDS) RELATING TO NAME AND DATE PATENTS 1837-87 12 lin. ft. History: Granting of patents for inventions made a function of the Federal Government by Article I, section 8, of the Constitution. Patent Board, consisting of Secretary of State, Secretary of War, and Attorney General, established by the Patent Act of 1790 (1 Stat. 109), April 10. New search. NIPO Digital customer services, new versions 27. mai 2021. Payment has been upgraded to a new design with a better user interface. In the Search service, you can set up alerts for cases, get yellow markings on your search criteria, and scroll from case to case in detailed view

Patents are not just abstract concepts; they play an invaluable, practical role in everyday life. By rewarding ideas, patents encourage the development of innovations and new technologies in every field TMsearcher24 is the international specialist service to manage intellectual property. You will find on TMsearcher24, for single lands and economic regions, the most important search, research and watching services for trademarks, trademark-owners, company names, domain-names, designs and logos, protected titles, competitior watch, in use and lingustic research

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  1. At the time of this piece, the company offers the buyer an opportunity to search for over 100,000 listed patents and other IPs. Therefore, I would recommend that you take a look at this marketplace. Whether you want to list a patent, or are looking to buy one
  2. Free Company Name Availability Search: Free company name search facility to check company name availability in India through our company search data service. Check Company Registration Number Online: Search for any company by its name and get CIN number along with the other details. Updated Company Data: Get the automatic updates on company's data
  3. name of a company that owns the patent. This eld is lled by patent attorney and it may contain misspellings or simply di erent spellings of the same name. The problem is to group the patents of the same company together and thus make higher recall for patent search. The paper structures as follows. The next section describes related work
  4. To search for patents internationally, you should use the World Intellectual Property Organizations' Patentscope service. If you find that relevant patents or designs exist in the markets you wish to operate it, it is worth seeking legal advice on how best to deal with any potential infringement or licensing issues

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Company search. Search by name or Business ID. Etsi. Advanced search. Go to online filing at ytj.fi. Limited liability companies: File beneficial owner details with the Trade Register . Effects of the coronavirus on our office and customers. Tips for companies' online filing. Share pag In other words, if the starting point of your search is a company name, this will likely work quite well. Above, in the patents are odd ducks section, I said that patents don't necessarily describe things in clear terms. Rather, patents often circumscribe a technology, rather than just naming it

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There are several methods that might reveal a competitor's public ally available patent information. Assignee/Owner. A search can be performed looking for any patent application that names the competitor company as an assignee (owner). Patent applications are often filed in the name of the inventor rather than in the name of a company Welcome to the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS).This search engine allows you to search the USPTO's database of registered trademarks and prior pending applications to find marks that may prevent registration due to a likelihood of confusion refusal.. WARNING: Before conducting your search, you must understand the following: (1) what the database includes; (2) how to construct a. Search the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. The website for the United States government's patent office lets you search through its patents as far back as 1790. You can access the search engine for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office at USPTO.gov and then follow the links to Patents and Patent Search Patents from 1790 through 1975 are searchable only by Issue Date, Patent Number, and Current US Classification. When searching for specific numbers in the Patent Number field, utility patent numbers are entered as one to eight numbers in length, excluding commas (which are optional, as are leading zeroes)

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Intellectual Property India. Publication Type: Published. Granted. Select Search Field. Application Date (National) Publication Date Date of Grant Priority Date. From: From Date (MM/dd/yyyy) To Build a Great Business Name NUANS ® Free Pre-Screen Guide NUANS ® Report Guide Incorporation Guide October 22 2014-We now accept the following payments online: October 21 2014-Arvic Launches new website. All new order pages and content to help you get the information and services you need easier For example, to find patents under a certain inventor's name, type in the inventor's name (preceded by the proper field code term, in this case in followed by a forward slash [/]), and the website will list all patents issued in that person's name. Similarly, a list of all patents owned by a certain company is available by.

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This database is for information purposes only. Whilst the Patent Office takes all reasonable care in the provision of this service, the Office will not be liable for errors or omissions in the data or for any consequences arising from such errors or omissions, including any loss which may be incurred as a result of reliance on the data Comprehensive trademark search has a wider scope of search as compared to preliminary trademark search because comprehensive search is performed by the specialised attorneys. These attorneys or firms have access to the trademark database of multiple platforms including company names, state trademarks, domain name database, publications

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IBM scientists and researchers received 9,130 U.S. patents in 2020, the most of any company, marking 28 consecutive years of IBM patent leadership. IBM led the industry in the number of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, quantum computing and security-related patents granted Permission is hereby granted to use, copy and reproduce the general engineering material, including nomograms, table and formulas, with the only restriction being to give credit to The Lee Company if the material is published or republished. It is the clear intent of The Lee Company to encourage all members of the engineering profession to use. Browse Patents by US Classification. Apparel (Class 2) Baths, closets, sinks, and spittoons (Class 4) Beds (Class 5) Compound tools (Class 7) Bleaching and dyeing; fluid treatment and chemical modification of textiles and fibers (Class 8) Boot and shoe making (Class 12) Bridges (Class 14) Brushing, scrubbing, and general cleaning (Class 15 15 2. Name Clearance Request - Company 83.00 16 20. Change of Name for a Foreign Company 1,666.00 17 21. Conversion of Private Company to Public Company 1,414.00 18 22. Conversion of Private Company to an unlimited 1,414.00 19 23. Conversion of Private Company to Company limited by Guarantee 1,414.00 20 24 To search for land patents: Start by selecting the State. You do not have to fill in all fields, but provide at least one additional field. Click the Search Patents button. Search Tips: Hover your mouse over a field to get a brief description. Get detailed information by checking the Glossary in the Reference Center

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This paper describes the methodology used to construct a new sample of patents matched to Compustat firms for the period 1980-2015. We compare our data to existing NBER data sets and underscore several methodological improvements, including dynamic matching, company name changes, and ownership structures Generate search terms. Once you've come up with a strong mark, it's time to make sure it isn't already in use. If another company has already trademarked your company name, you will be unable to trademark the name yourself. Start by thinking up some search terms Type a symbol or company name. When the symbol you want to add appears, add it to My Quotes by selecting it and pressing Enter/Return. Copy and paste multiple symbols separated by spaces

As the name (Patent Cooperation Treaty) suggests, the PCT is an agreement for international co-operation in the field of patents. More specifically, it is a treaty that provides for rationalisation and co-operation with regard to the filing, searching and examination of patent applications These tools allow you to do quick, keyword, searches for patents. You can also search by inventor and assignee (the person or company that holds the rights to that patent). USPTO Patent Search. Search for patents granted by the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office. TIFF view required for full patent document Google's John Mueller advises site owners to be mindful that not everything the company patents is used in search results. But just because it's patented from Google, and maybe even from.

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Drug Patents and Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs. When a pharmaceutical company first develops a new drug to be used for a disease condition, it is initially sold under a brand name by which the. Singapore IP Strategy 2030 Report. A 10-year blueprint to strengthen Singapore's position as a global intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP) hub as well as maintain Singapore's position as a top-ranked IP regime. Read More. VIEW ALL Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand. The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) grants and registers IP rights in New Zealand. This includes trade marks, patents, designs, plant variety rights and geographical indications. We also provide general information about non-registered IP including copyright Company Name: Search Options: Match partial names: Select one or more roles to search for using the check boxes above, and enter your search criterion. The following wildcards may be used: '%' matches any sequence '_' matches any single character. Find trademarks, patents and designs in Norway. Loading... Search Use search or buttons to find goods Domain, company name and trademark -in one search File an application for trademark, patent or design Recommended for entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises My drafts - or application receipts. Preliminary.

In order to do a preliminary search, you need to understand the patent classification system, not just do a search on the Internet. Patents are organized in databases by class and subclass of invention, which allows you to look at patents in the same field or class as your invention If you enter more than one word (for example, first name + family name) in this global field, all the terms are automatically combined by the L operator. This proximity operator (in contrast to the AND operator) does not search in the entire data field but only within individual sections (segments) of a data field

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This guide discusses patent coverage in the SciFinder database (CAS=Chemical Abstract Services). CAS covers patents from around the world. Patent records from nine major patent offices worldwide that meet CAS selection criteria are available online in CAplus within two days of the patent's publication, and fully indexed by CAS scientists within 27 days from the date of issue In 2020, IBM had 9,130 patents assigned to them, ranking first among companies according to how many patents had been assigned to each

An investment company is administered by issuing one or more classes of shares that are bought from and redeemed with the company at a net asset value, issuing one or more classes of shares that are listed for trading on a securities exchange and that are bought and sold at negotiated market prices, and maintaining, in one or more computers, account data ofthe outstanding shares Travis , what is the name of the company which holds over 90 patents to supply electrify around the globe at a fraction of the cost being charged now for years to come. By backoffice , April 8, 202 Travis what is the name of the company that holds patents on solar energy that get sprayed on windows and produces cheap electricity at a rate that will put By backoffice , January 4, 202

Our patent search capabilities offer advanced boolean functions, structured search, biological search, classification search, filtering and sorting options to find the most relevant and important patents. Create collections, alerts and visualisations to be annotated and shared. Start Using Watch Vide Use of this site is subject to, and your continued use constitutes your express agreement to be bound by, the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. Any unauthorized use. Patents. Applying for a Patent - from the USPTO USPTO Design Search Code Manual Google is both a company name and a service. The following business directories are a good place to check for names that are already in use, thereby avoiding infringement. Data Axle This will search for all the patents classified in 206/545, which as of the time the search was conducted resulted in 156 US patents. You can also add to a classification search to narrow

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Search US patents, applications, defensive publications, invention registration, as well as European patents & applications, Search SU Libraries' company databases to see whether your company name is already in use. ThomasNet.com. Information about suppliers and products, including company profiles,. An online intellectual property community powered with rich tools for solving difficult IP problems such as patent search, analysis and valuation

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If you do not have a U.S. patent number:. You can also search for patents by topic or inventor, but options vary depending on how far back you want to search: For patents issued after 1975:. Patents issued after 1975 can be easily searched by keyword using a number of free tools Complete Patent Searching Database and Patent Data Analytics Services Search results. This screen shows basic information about each business name. Select the business name to view more information. You can also select more than one business name by ticking the boxes and selecting 'View Details'. Select 'View results list' to print the results in PDF. Select 'New Search' to start another search PatentsKart is a next generation Intellectual Property (IP) support services firm that aims to help clients deal with end to end successful patent portfolio management. We believe that our core business is to outsource the intellectual capabilities of our highly experienced patent agents, patent researchers and analysts, which help in providing a wide spectrum of patent support services to. If a company is bought out by another, even if the original company keeps its name, patents could be assigned to the parent company. If a product is sold under the original company's name, it may contain components that were developed and patented by the parent company. Before beginning an assignee search, research the company to identify name.

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Prior to the Patents Law Amendment Act of 1887 these letters played the role of patents registration in Australia. Organised by patent number, you will need to search the indexes if you do not know the number Novel Patent Services is a top-notch intellectual property services firm that provides patents, trademarks, and copyrights registration services in USA, Europe and INDIA +91-897 888 7578 info@novelpatent.co PRH - Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus. Company name instructions A company name can be formed in many ways. For example, it can be a totally invented word, or as quite often is the case, a combination of the name of a place and the type of business Please note: Generic drug information listed on the Drugs.com website should be used as a guideline only. Always consult your doctor or healthcare specialist before changing any medicines. Brand name prescription medications are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and may be covered by legal patents that delay the availability of lower cost generic substitutes

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1. Identify the name of the person who received a headright grant by checking published abstracts: Nugent. 2. Search for the name of the person who received the land in the online search engine. (Tip: Highlight Virginia Land Office Patents and Grants before you search). 3 The patents give the name of the patentee, reason for the grant, location by township, lot number, and acreage. Each volume is indexed by the name of the patentee. The first eight volumes (to 1797) are available through the Family History Library, films 945291-95 , as part of the Patents of the State of New York, 1649-1912 Unified Patents, LLC is a District Of Columbia Limited-Liability Company filed On July 20, 2015. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is C00005235769. The Registered Agent on file for this company is C T Corporation System and is located at 1015 15th St Nw Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005

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News & Politics Culture Technology Business Human Interest Podcasts Search if you stand up and yell the brand's name! about just how much to trust a company based on its patents Search all forums: Logged in as [Bing [Bot]] Starting with year 2015 onwards, the count of patents is drastically lower in comparison to numbers for 2013, 2014 (e.g. Microsoft 437 in 2015 vs 3128 in 2013) On PATSTAT Online, I would remove the company name and wild cards,. Omega Patents LLC is a Florida Assumed Name filed On May 30, 2021. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is G21000073080.The company's principal address is 946 Sherbourne Cir, Lake Mary Fl Usa, Lake Mary, FL 32746 Goods Description *Will be available soon: Search. Best View in Resolution of 1024x768 or later. Enable Javascript for Better Performance General contact details Telephone number: +31 70 416 67 11 Fax number: +31 70 416 67 99 E-mail: info@vo.eu Contact details for Media/ P

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